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Getting to the office on time is a habit that you should cultivate because it not only helps impress your superiors but it can also make you more productive at work. A model employee is someone who arrives in the office on time and who finishes the work given within the day. Unfortunately, being late not only gets you a deduction on your salary but it can also affect your mood which in turn can make you become less productive. Fortunately, there are ways for you to get to work on time that you can practice.

1. Plan Your Day – If you want to arrive in your office on time you need to plan ahead of time. This includes planning on what to wear, the files or tools you will need to bring, food and other important stuff you will need the following day so you won’t have to rush.

2. Set up Your Alarm – Make sure that you set your alarm clock before you go to sleep. However, don’t just put it near your bedside where you can easily hit the snooze button but put it on top of a desk farther away from you so you will need to get up to turn it off.

3. Get Up Early – You should wake up earlier than your normal waking hours if you want to get to work on time. One reason behind this is that you’ll never know what situations may arise like your coffee pot doesn’t work, or your car broke down or that the public transportation you normally take doesn’t work.

4. Eat Breakfast – Eating breakfast can give you an energy boost to be more alert on the road.

5. Get the Right Attitude – If you are always late to work the problem might be more on your attitude. You need to change how you see things and even develop a positive attitude to your work so you will have the desire to be there on time.

6. Car Pool – If you know someone who works around the same area as you, why not share a ride? You can help pay for the gas and you can encourage your friend to get to work on time as well.

7. Avoid Checking Your E-Mails – Most of us would check their email as soon as they wake up but this will only serve as a distraction. Check it once you are at work.

8. Make Allowances – Determine how long it will normally take you to reach your office then make allowances in case of traffic and other possible scenarios.

9. Set Your Watch Ahead – There are some who swear by setting their watches, cell phones and alarm clocks ahead of time to help them reach their destination on time.

10. Fill Up Your Gas Tank – If your car is running low on fuel make sure that you gas up the night before to avoid having to make a pit stop in a gas station.

These are just a few ways for you to get to your office on time. Do you know other ways to report to work on time? Feel free to share it with us.