Industrial Cleaning Services in the Philippines

industrial cleaning services in the philippines

Redox Chemical Industries complete with personnel, experience and equipment can handle all the toughest industrial cleaning tasks. Serving industries that include food processing, manufacturing and pharmaceutical, we are prepared to perform industrial cleaning services in the Philippines to keep your processes running efficiently.

Our staff is ready to collaborate with your team, learn your planned maintenance needs, schedule and complete the work. We are equally ready to respond to your industrial cleaning emergencies no matter what day they happen. You always can count on to us to work safely. We have the best personnel with extensive training and a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to get the work done without placing you, your personnel, your property or themselves in harm’s way.

Our industrial cleaning services include:

  • AHU / Aircon Cleaning 
  • Repair of Aircon and Aircon Handling Units
  • Passivation and Disinfection
  • Cleaning of Cooling Towers
  • Water Tank Cleaning
  • Water Tank Disinfection
  • Water Treatment Monitoring and Dosing
  • Descaling of Boilers and Heat Exchangers
  • Kitchen Duct Cleaning
  • Drain and Pipe Declogging
  • Floor and Equipment Degreasing
  • Rust Removal / Anti-Rust Coating Application
  • High-Temperature Aluminum Paint Application on Smoke Stacks, Genset Mufflers and other Hot Metal Surfaces
  • Glass Cleaning of Acid Rain Deposits
  • Rust Transformer Application and Top Coat Dosing
  • Engine Air Cooler of Ships Cleaning
  • Garbage Disinfection / Foul Odour Control
  • Epoxy Paint Application on Flooring
  • Enzyme Dosing on Septic Tanks
  • Pest Control / Larvacides
  • Wet Market Sanitization
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For the best industrial cleaning services, please contact us through the form below or you can email us at redoxchemicalindustries[@] [gmail].com or call us at (02) 475-3243 | (02) 475-3140 | (02) 531-1087