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Redox Chemical Industries Dealer Opportunities

We are one of the leading toll manufacturers of quality maintenance and other industrial cleaning chemicals in the Philippines. That’s why we want a dedicated, full-service dealers like you to join the Redox Chemical Industries family.

Why should you partner with us?
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  1. You can increase your income almost 100% because we will give you the best dealer’s price.
  2. There will be no minimum quantities to purchase our products.
  3. We have the full line of specialty products for surface cleaning applications.
  4. You will have our awesome technical support and training seminars.
  5. You will not have to worry about your marketing because we will give your company all your marketing and sales materials, so you can focus on increasing your income.
Redox Chemical Industries is passionate about your success.

We believe in strong, lasting relationships with our dealers. They are the one who make us stronger and power our product development. In short, they are the reason that makes us successful in our industry. That’s why we nurture and strengthen the confidence of our dealers with incredible customer service.

In line with our mission, we strive to provide our dealers/customers to gain peace of mind with our excellent services, top of the line products and preventative maintenance programs. Competitive dealer price and proven marketing strategies make additional ways to solidify customer relationships.

Are you ready to become part of the Redox Chemical Industries team and to start building your business?

Fill out the form below to apply. Applying is FREE and EASY! Or give us a call at +632 475-3140/ 531-1087 to discuss how our program can help you grow your business.

In agreement with our privacy policy, the information you provide here will remain confidential.  


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