stuck traffic manila

Getting stuck in heavy traffic is not unusual these days as the volume of cars and public transportation is one the rise. Unfortunately, spending hours on the road while your vehicle is crawling at a snail’s pace is enough to set tempers rising. This is not a good sign since hotheadedness can lead to road rage which in turn causes unwanted accidents.

How then can you deal with traffic? It doesn’t matter whether you are driving your own car or just a passenger in a public transport you need to learn how to calm down and be busy when stuck in traffic. Here are a few ways that are worth keeping in mind.

1. Listen to your favorite songs – Listening to your favorite bands while stuck in traffic can keep your mind occupied and will help you while away the minutes.

2. Bring a book – Another way to stay calm and keep yourself busy is to bring a book or your e-Book reader. This way, you can still be productive while stuck in traffic.

3. Meditate – Now that you’re stuck in traffic wouldn’t it be better to practice meditation? After all, you’re not going anywhere any time soon particularly if it is a heavy traffic that you’re in, so why not use the time to meditate?

4. Converse – If you are stuck in heavy traffic with someone, a family member, a friend or officemate, talk to them. Not only will it help pass the time but you’ll also get to bond with them even more.

5. Call someone – Sometimes getting stuck in heavy traffic can help you reconnect to those people you’ve forgotten for some time now. Pick up your cell phone, dial their number, and spend a few minutes with them on the phone.

6. Play a game – In these times where everyone has a smartphone on hand, why not play a game? You can easily download a game into your device so you will be prepared to face that heavy traffic.

7. Write – If you have a lot of things running in your mind, why not jot them down? It may be a plan for tomorrow or a poem, a story or even draw doodles on a piece of paper. Not only is this relaxing but it can also help with your creativity.

8. Organize – Car owners can take advantage of the traffic by organizing the things they’ve kept in their car like the litter they keep in their dashboard compartment, their cigarette holder and so on.

9. Send SMS to your friends – While away the hours by chatting up your friends through your cell phone.

10. Visualize – Being stuck in heavy traffic is the best time for you to visualize the things you want to do in your life. This is your chance to come up with ideas, plans and even goals that you wouldn’t even consider in your busy schedule. Who knows? You might come up with something great even while you’re stuck in traffic.

Don’t let the traffic beat you. Use the steps mentioned above to stay calm and busy while waiting for traffic to move.