Keep Your Kids Safe

Summer time is here and children have the ample time to explore the great outdoors. As parents, you cannot avoid getting worried about what kind of chemicals are lurking around not only inside your home but also outside that can be harmful to your curious kids. Many chemicals today are suspected to have links with different kinds of disorders like obesity, autism, and other serious conditions.  Because of the dangers bring by toxic chemicals to our kids, we round up these preventive ways to keeping your kids safe this summer.

1. Swimming is one of the summer activities kids enjoy. Avoiding pools that are not properly maintained can reduce risks of water-borne illnesses. You will know if the pool is not properly maintained when the water is cloudy and you cannot see right from the bottom of the pool. Also before going in the pool, touch the sides, it should not be slimy and sticky.

2. If you are going to an indoor pool, be wary on strong chlorine smell because this is a sign that the place has a poor ventilation. Some studies that heavy exposure to chlorinated pools can increase the risk of asthma to children.

3. When swimming at the beaches, tell your kids to avoid swallowing the water. Beach waters can contain pathogens from algae, plants and bacteria that can cause headache, skin rashes and other allergic reactions.

4. Practice using mineral sunscreen and sunblock protection when going outside. Look for products that have zinc and titanium because this minerals are non-toxic and provide even more effective sun screening.

5. Toys can also pose dangers to your kids. Watch out for toys that are made of toxic chemicals. Phthalates, or “plasticizers,” are used to make plastic more flexible and durable, and these chemicals are found in many toys. To learn more,  rates thousands of toys that have chemical hazards and contains toxic chemicals.

6. When at home, children can be more curious with sparkly and colorful containers. These containers can be seen mostly in household cleaning chemicals. Store these chemicals out of reach of children and put locks on the cabinets that will secure these chemicals.

7. When you are cleaning and the kids are around, just put proper amount of chemicals and seal the container properly and put it back immediately in the cabinet. Use the correct protective gear while cleaning like gloves and goggles to reduce harm and protect yourself and family and make sure that the place you are cleaning is well-ventilated. Dispose of properly all the rags and other materials you use when you are done cleaning.

8. Kids love playing around and rolling in grasses and lawns. Most lawns are maintained with pesticides and fertilizers. To avoid getting the dangers of these toxic chemicals, use natural and organic fertilizers when maintaining your lawn or garden. Also, pesticides can linger in the vegetables and fruits that we buy. Wash them with water and brush softly the vegetables and fruits before you give it to your kids.

9. A type of flame retardant called polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) can affect the memory, hearing and learning of kids especially when exposed heavily to these kinds of chemicals which mostly found in gadgets and other electronic products which kids love to play with nowadays. Avoid letting your babies and toddlers put electronic gadgets especially the remote controls and mobile phones in their mouths.

By taking precautions to protect your kids this summer, you’ll be able to enjoy summer and relax knowing that your kids are protected from these harmful chemicals.