chemicals accidents

Chemicals have been part of our home ever since whether you like it or not. It’s been part of our environment and we use it almost every day. We can found them in the kitchen, bathroom, garages and basements. Most chemical accidents happen in our home, but many of these accidents can be prevented and avoided.

Here are some safety tips where we can avoid chemical accidents at home.

1. Store chemical products properly and in a safe location. Storage of chemicals should be properly locked and cannot be reach by children. Don’t put things in the storage other than the chemicals and read the labels on how to properly store certain chemicals.

2. Avoid mixing household chemical products. Most of the chemicals, when combined with other chemicals can produce toxic fumes, such as chlorine bleach and ammonia.

3. Read and follow the directions on how to use a certain chemical. There are products that cannot be used in small spaces without any ventilation to avoid inhaling toxic vapors. There are also chemicals that needed protection while using it, such as gloves and eye protection to help prevent chemicals from touching the body.

4. Don’t smoke while using household chemicals. There are certain particles that can easily catch fire without you knowing.

5. Avoid using hair spray, paint products, cleaning solutions or pesticides near an open flame to avoid catching fire or explosions.

6. Dispose of chemicals according to the instructions product labels. This can avoid not only the safety of your home but also the environment and the community as well.

7. Whenever there are spilled chemicals, clean it up immediately. Use proper protection gear like gloves and safety glasses. Let the fumes in the rags evaporate outdoors and wrap it with newspaper and in sealed plastic before putting it in the trash can.

8. Buy only chemicals that you usually use and not as much as you need it. Storing too many chemicals at home and leaving the left over can increase potential chemical accidents.

9. You can empty spray cans outdoors by pressing the button until nothing comes out and place them in the trash can.

10. Always store the chemicals in their original containers with appropriate labels. This will ensure that the chemicals will not mix with other chemicals that can release toxic gases.

11. Keep all your medicines out of reach of children. You can flush expired medicines or medicines that are no longer used in the toilet and put the empty containers in the trash.

12. When cleaning the bathroom or specific areas of your home, make sure that it is well-ventilated to avoid inhaling toxic gases and lessen your exposure to certain toxic gases.

13. Always wash your hands whenever you accidentally touch the chemicals. Don’t immediately touch your eyes or mouth because it may cause serious eye irritations or worst digesting it.

14. Always seal the chemical products and refasten all childproof caps after using it. Do not leave the chemicals unattended.

Following these safety tips can not only avoid you from any chemical accidents but also giving your family a safe place to live with.