electrical cleaningWhether on the production line or during maintenance, repair operations, cleaning electrical components to remove particulates, dirt, dust, oils, greases and other contaminants is critical, in order to ensure proper device operation and long-term reliability. Our products give you safe and effective electrical cleaning solutions to handle tough cleaning and help you meet today’s electronics and precision cleaning challenges. 

  • Contact Cleaners – ODS Free
  • Hi Precision Contact Cleaners
  • Water Displacer / Repellant Spray
  • Hi-Capillary Penetrating Oil
  • Solvent Degreaser – Fast Dry
  • Solvent Degreaser – Aezotropic
  • Electric Motor Cleaner
  • Insulating Varnish Clear / Red
  • Engine Flushing Solution
  • Anti-Fatigue Hand Cleaner
  • Waterless Hand Conditioner and Scrubs

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