Algae is an unwelcome guest in pools. While algae are always present, you should take steps to ensure that it doesn’t grow out of hand. A lot of pool owners find themselves dealing with an algae problem, especially during summer. The green menace is not only frustrating, it can also be harmful to your health. As a rule, the presence of algae in your pool should be dealt with immediately. The longer one puts off handling this problem, the worse it gets. Luckily, there are ways to keep algae out of your pool.

Algae: What It is and Why Your Pool Has It

Algae are living aquatic organisms that rapidly multiplies on warm days. They are usually present in swimming pools since these contain enough contaminants to sustain the organisms. Even if your pool is newly cleaned or looks clear, there are still macroscopic bits of algae around. This is why it’s crucial to take precautions to inhibit the growth of algae in pools.

There are several reasons why algae are growing in your pool:

  • Chlorine levels are too low.
  • The pH levels are off.
  • There are too many swimmers in a short span of time. More swimmers mean more organic material for algae to consume.
  • A duration of high winds can result in dust, pollen or plant material to land in the pool. This can affect the pool’s chemical balance.


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5 Ways to Keep Algae Out of the Pool

1. Make Sure Sanitizer Levels Remain Up

It’s essential that chlorine is kept at optimal levels all the time. One way of doing this is to utilize salt chlorine generators. These generators can keep chlorine at the correct levels to prevent algae from growing. Another option is to shock the pool a minimum of once a week during summer.

2. Motion is the Key

Algae build up faster in stagnant water, so make sure to keep water moving. It’s also a good idea to keep filtering pool water, particularly during months when the pool is always being used. Invest in a good speed pump, as this allows water to keep flowing but doesn’t consume a lot of energy.

3. Always Check the Filter

The water filter is an integral component of your pool. However, if the cartridge or sand becomes clogged, the water slows down. This can hurt the filtration process and the chlorine production. Once this happens, the rate of algae growth can increase.

4. Use the Pool as Often as Possible

One of the best ways to keep your pool clean and debris-free is to use it as often as you can. When someone uses the pool, they stir up the debris and water. This helps the skimmer to catch more debris and waste particles and filter the pool more effectively.  

5. Use an Algaecide Every Week

Adding an algaecide to your pool is another way to keep algae out and ensure that your pool stays clean and sanitary for a longer period. This can be done on a weekly basis, although twice a month is also fine.