how to make your home safer and healthier

We consider our home as our sanctuary. It’s a place where we feel safe and where we go to relax and have fun. We try to make our homes as safe and as comfortable as we possibly can. Unfortunately, some health hazards like molds, bugs or slippery steps could still get past us. So here are five tips on how we can make our homes safer and healthier.

Keep It Clean

Make it a habit to clean your house regularly. Getting rid of germs and dirt helps us stay healthy and keeps our environment looking pleasant and comfortable. You can make the process less tedious by getting the whole family involved. Teach your kids some basic chores and have them pick up their toys. Reduce clutter by putting things in their proper place.

Fireproof Your Home

Place a smoke alarm in every room and on every floor of your home, including your basement. Test them regularly and make sure you have the right batteries on hand. You should also invest in a multipurpose fire extinguisher, a fire blanket, and buckets. Make sure these are in easy reach.

Watch Out for Bugs and Pests

When it comes to bugs, an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure. After all, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and cockroaches can cause your family to get sick while termites can ruin your house. Aside from calling pest exterminators, there are other ways to keep pests out of your home. For instance, never leave food out. Place a screen on windows and doors. Bathe your pets regularly. You can also prevent ticks and fleas from sticking around your home by mixing herbs like lemon or rosemary with water and spritzing it on your pets and the walls.  

Prevent Falls

Falls are one of the top reasons for unexpected injuries in the home. Families with toddlers and older adults are particularly vulnerable to this. Keep your family safe by putting non-skid mats in the bathtub, shower stall or on the bathroom floor. Installing grab bars or handrails where needed also helps. Get rid of throw rugs or secure them with double-adhesive tapes. Make it a habit to clear your home of clutter and to mop up spills immediately. Having adequate lighting is also crucial as it will help you get around.

Secure Your Home From Break-Ins

There are a lot of ways to safeguard your home against break-ins, and most of them are practical and inexpensive. For instance, getting a dog, keeping an expensive car in the garage, or avoiding tall shrubs around doors or windows can discourage burglars. You should also secure in-window air conditioners and avoid door designs that have glass near the doorknob. Investing in motion sensor floodlights and window break alarms are also great ideas. More importantly, never put up stickers that say which security system brand is protecting your home. Burglars could find information on how to disable it.

Keeping your home safe and your family healthy is easier than you think. Making small changes in your lifestyle, regular cleaning, and investing in the proper equipment can make a big difference.