A clean workspace is critical for the success of a company and for the continued health and well-being of employees, regardless of whether they work in cubicles, a restaurant kitchen, a retail shop, or a dentist’s clinic.

Investing in the proper cleaning supplies and equipment are critical in keeping an office clean. Here’s a list of essential cleaning products that you need.

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10 Essential Cleaning Supplies for the Office

  1. Disinfectant: A good hospital-grade disinfectant is a must-have. Use it to sanitize surfaces and prevent germs and bacteria from spreading inside your office. Choose a disinfectant that can be used on multiple surfaces, like tiles, laminates, glass, and stainless steel.
  2. Towels: Offices should be wiped down regularly to prevent dust from accumulating, so make sure you have a stack of towels on hand. You’ll also need them to wipe down the surfaces that have been sprayed with disinfectant. Choose towels that can be reused, like dust towels or microfiber cloths. Paper towels are another option since they’re affordable and versatile.
  3. Broom and Dustpan: The right kind of broom will make sweeping easier. It’s important that you choose a broom with the appropriate bristles. Soft bristles are good for picking small particles like dust while brooms with stiff bristles are perfect for clearing large particles.
  4. Trash Can and Trash Bags: Another clear essential in the office, make sure you have trash cans in every room. Place a trash bag inside to keep the bins clean. It will also make it easier to collect the day’s trash.
  5. Mop: You need a mop if you’re not using carpets on your office floors. These surfaces will often get dirty and would sometimes need to be washed out with water. A good mop will make this process go faster.  
  6. Vacuum Cleaner: If you have invested in carpets, you’ll need a vacuum to ensure that dust mites and germs are contained. It also helps to reach those spots that are hard to get to, like in the corners and under chairs.
  7. Hand Sanitizer: Personal hygiene is also critical among workers. Stock up on hand sanitizers and place them around the office. You can even put signs reminding your staff when and how often they should use them. Make sure toilets always have sanitizers and soaps on hand.
  8. Tissues: Keeping stocks of tissues on hand will gain you some grateful employees, especially during flu season. These handy cloths are also essential to wipe up little spills, clear tables of dust, and clean monitors.
  9. Rubber Gloves: Your cleaning crew needs protection too. Rubber gloves will make handling disinfectants, soaps, and other cleaning agents safer and faster.
  10. Air Freshener: Office air gets stale after a while. Opening windows to get some fresh air in usually helps. An air freshener can also keep the air smelling fresh. Choose one with a light scent and place in strategic places around the office, like the reception area.

Keep your office clean with the right cleaning supplies and equipment. You should also come up with a cleaning schedule and decide whether you will have an in-house cleaning crew or hire a cleaning service.