Now Hiring: Project Coordinator

1. Male or Female
2. High School or College graduate
3. Have a background as a team leader
4. Skilled at scheduling and must be able to clearly communicate each role.
5. Effectively manage time between all responsibilities

1. Manage and coordinate schedules of each project.
2. Ability to coordinate effectively with other departments.
3. Develop and contribute solutions to variety of projects to avoid project delays.
4. Track projects and provide routine reports to higher management.

project coordinator



Now Hiring: Project Engineer



1. Male
2. Degree in Mechanical or Industrial
or Chemical Engineering
3. Driving skill is an advantage
4. Problem-solver, critical and analytical thinker


1.Develops project objectives by reviewing project proposals and plans.
2. Determines project responsibilities and specifications, customer requirements, and performance standards.
3. Maintains safe and clean working environment by enforcing procedures, rules, and regulations.

project engineer

Interested candidates, please submit your resume to or call us at 5311087 / 239 8860 and look for Ms.Grace